Thursday, August 25, 2005


Anyone else going to DragonCon in Atlanta?
I am!
8 more days baby!

*Yes, I know I've dropped off the earth. I'm still there, but it's looking up. I start my new job Sept 6, after a weeks vacation, including DragonCon. I haven't been knitting, and bad person that I am, my final SP package still has not be packed up and sent (yah, I probably gave myself away if my SP reads my blog). I even have a thank you gift for Susan, but haven't packaged that up either (Susan, I need to get your mailing address too!) Plus I started my "13th" grade biology and chemistry classes at night, Monday thru Thursday. Wow, I won't even get into how terribly awful the guy is who "teaches" my chem class. It makes me cry. So there's my update. If you're going to be a DragonCon, email me before Thursday! I'd love to meet up!*
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Saturday, August 06, 2005


I have a new NEPHEW!
He was born today!

Way to go Paula (and Brian)!

My parents are now GRANDparents and I. Have. A. NEPHEW!

*and at this point this is all I know, information from my teary mother just 15 minutes ago*

7lbs 13ozs, 23in long, born at 6:28pm.
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