Friday, February 10, 2006

Birthday Girl!

Yup. Me.

Does that look like a 29 year old to you?!

Me neither! *grin*
But yes, I am 29 years old today. Yay me! So it is perfectly acceptable for me to be vain on my birthday.

We're going out to celebrate tonight with some friends and some drinks and maybe some dancing too!

So I have done a little knitting since the last time I posted here. Actually, I'm teaching 5 people to knit in my office. What a challange. Not because they don't catch on quick, but I've never taught knitting, or been to a knitting class myself, so I'm finding it really difficult to explain how knitting happens. But they are all enthusiastic and they keep telling me what a great teacher I am, so I'll keep teaching them!

So, yah, any knitters in the Chapel Hill area who want to go out with the Birthday Girl tonight, I'll be at the West End Martini Bar around 9 tonight!
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