Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Project updates

Well, both big projects are moving along nicely. Both are about 2/3 of the way completed and I'm feeling really good about the progress being made.

Of course the first of the big projects is the baby blanket.

If you can see, I've started on the second yellow patch, and once I finish that it's the last bit of green and we're done! It's really looking nice. It's so soft and lovely. This baby is going to have an abundance of blankets, two hand made, one by me, one by his bubba (my mom). It feels good to be making something just for him.

And the other big project is the baby!

This was just after my 30th birthday a few weeks ago. The bump is definitely growing steadily. It's hard to miss that I'm pregnant now. I'm still feeling fabulous, with just a few minor complaints, which I won't list because it's just not worth it! It's really becoming very real now, and the time is flying by. It'll be baby time so soon, and I'm grateful that the baby's room is finished, the blanket is mostly finished, and the other small projects I have going aren't too complicated. Well one is a bit...I'll mention that here in a sec. It's nice to know I won't have the stress over anything major in the last few weeks I have left.

So, the other projects....well, I'm replicating a baby wall hanging that hubby has from his birth for this baby. It's cross-stitch, which thankfully I'm familiar with. No learning curve there. I'm batting that out quickly and shouldn't spend too much time on that. I'm planning to have it finished in a few weeks so when my parents come to visit I can get my moms help framing and matting them both and hanging them in the room. The other project is birth announcements. In my infinate wisdom and finite time frame, I decided to use stamping to create the announcements. No, I've never done any stamping, nothing remotely close to what I'd like to make. So I have my book, I'm trying to get ideas, and then I'll need to buy supplies, learn what I want to do, and then pump out probably 150 announcements. No worries though! I'm sure I'll get it done in plenty of time. Especially now that I decided I can wait to learn to quilt and quilt a baby blanket. *grin*
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